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If someone is submissive, it means first of all that he or she is subservient. During sex, he or she enjoys it if the partner is dominant, thus setting the tone. The submissive partner will obey. Depending on how strongly pronounced the tendency is, a submissive sex partner may also derive pleasure from being denigrated, or receiving light pain. Often dominant and submissive tendencies are acted out in time-limited role plays are acted out, such as the teacher and the student, or the patient and the nurse.

One of Sophie's Escort escort agency's submissive ladies are Ella, Elisa, Pia, Ava (soft devot), Lydia (soft devot), Rafaela (soft devot), Xenia (soft devot), Lan (soft devot), Rose, Helena (soft devot), Angelina (soft devot), Patrizia, Lucia (soft devot), Julia or Marina.

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