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Fees/Prices Sophies Escort Hamburg


Our fees

Please refer to the following table for fees of our Escort Ladies as well as the costs for extraordinary expenses. For individual requests for long-term arrangements or subscriptions at Sophie’s Escort, please call 0151-19455565 or e-mail us.

2 hours* 500,- Euro
3 hours 600,- Euro
4 hours 700,- Euro
5 hours 800,- Euro
6 hours 900,- Euro
7 hours 1.000,- Euro
8 hours 1.100,- Euro
9 hours 1.150,- Euro
10 hours 1.200,- Euro
11 hours 1.250,- Euro
12 hours 1.300,- Euro
15 hours 1.450,- Euro
1 Day 2.000,- Euro
2 Days 3.000,- Euro
3 Days 4.000,- Euro
4 Days 5.000,- Euro
5 Days 5.800,- Euro
6 Days 6.600,- Euro
(*2 hours = minimum booking)

Travel Costs

Lady's home town:


Travel within 150 km of the Lady's home town:

(Minimum booking 4 hours)
100,- Euro + cost of train ticket

Travel within Germany, Austria or Switzerland:

(Minimum booking 12 hours)
150,- Euro + cost of train or airtravel ticket

Travel within Europe:

200,- Euro + cost of air travel

Travel Worldwide:

300,- Euro cost of air travel

Travel costs include expenses for transportation, meals and the time spent to reach the arranged destination.


Please let us know in advance when and where you want to meet the lady. You decide in which environment you want to meet the lady, but please be advised that this excludes visits to your home or familiar environment.

Should you request a date on the same day, we will gladly attempt to accommodate your last minute booking, if possible.

It is advised to make all requests in a timely manner. The ladies choose their own hours. We can only confirm your appointment request after consulting with the lady. We will get in touch with the lady immediately after receipt of your request, and inform you as soon as possible to confirm the booking.

The agency is available daily between 10:00 and 22:00 by phone under +49 (0) 151 19 45 55 65, and via e-mail at

Travel Expenses

The plane and train tickets are booked through our agency after successful payment. We will take care of all travel reservations. We will provide you with an invoice for the actual travel expenses, if desired.

Please see the booking/rates menu tab for information on possible travel costs. Longer journeys carry a travel stipend in addition to rail or air tickets. This travel stipend covers taxi fares, meals during the arrival and departure and the time needed for the arrival and departure to the location of your choice.


Particularly short-term bookings, or for reasons of confidentiality and discretion, payments can be made straightforward via Western Union.

Sophies Event Agentur
Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN DE19 2005 0550 1010 2185 09

You can make the deposit or the advance via bank transfer to account below. Your payment will be handled by us in trust and in full discretion, and forwarded to the respective lady. You will of course inform us immediately of the payment.

Your deposit ensures your agreeing to uphold the mutually agreed appointment. The date is considered binding after receipt of the deposit in our business account.

The ladies of our agency all work or study full-time, and therefore have a tough schedule. If a binding appointment is agreed upon, the ladies of our escort service will of course ensure their availability.

Bookings at least 24 hours in advance carry a deposit of 30% of the agreed fee.


Travel bookings are conducted with a cancellation protection policy, where possible, experience however shows that refunds on booked flight or train tickets only result in refunds in exceptional cases, or are only partially reimbursed.

In the event of a cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, please note that we retain 50% of the deposit as compensation for the escort’s lost time, this can be applied towards a future booking.

Cancellations more than 24 hours in advance will result in a complete refund of the deposit.

Of course it may happen that you are unable to keep your appointment due to important business or personal reasons. In this case we request that you inform us as soon as possible. We are more than happy to move your appointment to another more convenient date.