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Accompany of two men

It has a particular appeal, if a lady may spend the evening or the night in society of two men - for the woman as well as for the men. In this case, the lady can show off a sexy striptease for the men, give both men at the same time oral satisfaction, dedicate herself to both men at the same time (e.g. sandwich) or also one after the other, what admits all sorts of sexual practices or one of the men enjoys himself with the lady and the third finds fulfillment in the position of the voyeur.

The excitement of the voyeur rises by the observation of the amorous play of the sexually active couple in front of his eyes and can suffice as a stimulation to come to the orgasm. Also the variant of masturbation of the voyeur is quite common.
The copulating couple in turn enjoys to be observed during sexual intercourse and particularly people with exhibitionistic tendencies love this erotic adventure.

This ménage à trois is wonderfully pleasurable, because a touch of taboo lies in the air.

Who wants to try this enticing "threesome" with the ladies of Sophies Escort Hamburg, will spend a passionate time.

These ladies share this preference: