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Companions for couples

First companions for couples means, that a couple books an Escort Lady for a Date for three. The motivation for such an appointment is as diverse as sexual practices.

Many men and women are curious how erotic fantasies can be lived in the company of a strange woman. Whether the own relationship in the matter of sex has fallen asleep a little bit and you are looking for suggestions from the outside or that one of the partners wants to change his active part and likes to watch, how the man and the Escort lady or both women have a good time with each other. Many couples have fallen into routine and want to try other positions or game types to make love, what is sometimes easier be demanded in the company of a strange lady than in the intimate bedroom at home. The surrounding of a hotel room does the rest.
Some partner has sexual desires, the wife or lover would not like to fulfill, but at the same time they do not want to deny to the partner. An Escort lady creates approximation and can take over the part which the wife or lover avoids. And who knows, sometimes the hurdle is overcome by this playful approach and the curiosity is aroused.

With Sophies Escort Hamburg several ladies are immediately available to you for this predilection.

These ladies share this preference: